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.com. >>> president barack obama is in shanghai tonight launching a three-day visit to china but also been busy talking to russia about nuclear weapons. we have the latest from abc's ann compton. >> reporter: in a driving rain president obama arrived for his first visit to china. it was nearly midnight and he quickly disappeared into a sea of umbrellas to be greeted by local mayors, for this is not beijing, the capital. this is shanghai, the bustling very western i've had city where skyscrapers and booming trade are considered hall marks of a new china. that's exactly why president obama is choosing to start his official events here. at shanghai's mitchell of science and technology security is in place for the most unusual of all of his appearances, a town hall meeting with chinese youth, supposedly to be available to millions on the internet and on media over which the communist government can exercise the least control. another development over the weekend, president obama and russia's dmitri med verizon detective meeting on the sidelines of a summit mitt the singapore declared progress on de
to india but president obama's first state dinner was also a tribute to hollywood, bollywood, and washington. it was a bit like an intimate dinner party for 320 of president and first lady obama's closest friends. there were hollywood types like steven spielberg. politicos like senator john kerry and there were prominent indian americans including one who aspires to live in the white house himself one day, louisiana governor. >>> when you are shopping for grocery, chances are you don't bring a scale with you but we've saved you the trouble with some surprising results. why the stuff you buy isn't always worth the weight. >> reporter: as shoppers, we do all we can to save a buck. we hunt out deals and clip coupons knowing every penny counts. but a common mistake could mean your groceries aren't worth their weight. >> it doesn't happen all the time but it does on occasion. >> reporter: this is the manager of the safe weights and inspections. they check every store in maryland making sure you get what you pay for. >> this is a ram done packing inspection form. >> reporter: it's
business. >> and as president obama honors those killed last week in fort hood, hear from a local woman who worked side by side with one of those victims. jiergs but first, closure for many who were victimized by the serial killer. i am mary beth marsden. two hours ago john allen muhammad died of lethal injection. he was the mastermind of the killing spree that terrorized people in dc, virginia, and maryland. ten people were killed, three others were wounded. after his final appeal was rejected, muhammad was executed tonight in virginia. kelly swoope has been there all night. she joins us live from virginia with more. >> reporter: mary beth, john allen muhammad was dressed in a blue shirt, blue jeans, and flip-flops when he entered the death chamber. he still proclaimed his innocence. he showed no remorse and said nothing to the victims' families. hours before john allen muhamed was scheduled to die, the greenville correctional center was surrounded by media from maryland, dc, and virginia. while police kept protesters at bay, a former maryland attorney spoke on muhammad's behalf. >> i don'
: as the protesters gathered, president obama got a boost from the medical association and the aarp who threw their support behind the plan. this man disagrees with their assessment. >> if we don't stop this bill it's going to kill me. i'm going to have to lay people off. >> reporter: the house plans to vote on the bill this saturday unless they don't feel they have enough votes to pass it. >> this stuff has been worrying me from -- since when obama was elected. this is, i think, a matter of life and death. >> reporter: if the house passes its version of health care reform on saturday the organizers of this rally say they'll turn their attention to the senate. they say they're confident that the democrats will have a hard time finding the necessary 60 votes to pass it. christian schaffer, abc2 news. >>> remember the cash for clunkers program to drive auto sales up? it did that. but some local car dealers say it might have spiked sales too much. in glen burnie they moved 80% of their inventory. in the months that followed, sales were lost as customers shopped for cars that just weren't on the
thanksgiving memorable for all. target. expect more. pay less. >>> well, president barack obama is saying the ba tan in health care has been passed over to the senate. it now heads to the senate where it can very likely hit rough waters. some moderate democrats are even protesting for the inclusion of a government health insurance plan. the bill passed the house on a narrow margin with 224 and 215 against it. >>> with some you can tell they're no longer any good just by looking at them. wilted lettuce, brown apples, even though foods don't look good, they may not be getting the nutrients. >> reporter: as a mom, she wants to feed them healthy food. >> i want to make sure when they're eating, it's the best thing it could be. >> reporter: but just buying foods rich in nutrients might not be a enough. a spokesperson for the american dietetics association and nutrition at your fingertips. >> so many things can degrade the quality, especially the nutritional quality of the food you buy. exposures to air, exposure to light, exposure to heat. >> reporter: in a recent study at arizona state univer
democrats swept into office on the coat tails of barack obama. but now republicans see this as a come back in local races that could make waves. if the republicans win in upstate new york and some see it as a rejection of the president's first months in power. closer to home two election day racing, they are voting for mayor in annapolis. >>> visions are are not beloved in cities but in baltimore, there is a man who seem sod perfectly suited to the calling of public office. and who transformed the city he served. william donald sch. a e. if er before becoming the mayor. he was the governor before ending his career as the state's comptroller. today on his 88th birthday he was honored for his 50-plus years of service. he could not help but taking the podium to thank the people who gathered to see the dedication of a statue. the guests included political figures, family and friends but voters the same voters who helped him say. stay in the lime night for 50 years. >>> a special visitors this afternoon. and the spurt all lard of the word's orthodox christians, mas his 18th year in the role. >
the obama's have looking forward to spending the first thanksgiving as the first family. they spared a fortunate fowl. for a turkey named courage, it truly is a day of thanksgiving. >> i was planning to eat this, but thanks to maliaa sasha, courage will be spared. you are hereby pardoned, you will live in disneyland. >> the annual ritual marked a welcome break from his regular duties. you'll see courage again at the thanksgiving parade. >>> all the turkey that have been pardoned, i've never seen the turkeys at disney world. >> i don't think that's the most popular attraction. >> it's the other turkeys. >> it could be just me, but ... >> exactly. things are improving very nicely outside. >> see i here. >> we have thick fog for early morning travellers but things are looking good for the day tomorrow. take a look outside right now. our shot of the something or other. not sure what it is. i think that's, i think that's the side of the aquarium. our temperature right now, 45 degrees, 100% humidity, that means the air is holding 100% of the amount of moisture it's capable of holding which
.c., president obama is spending his first thanksgiving dinner as commander-in-chief. 50 guests attended the dinner. hams, turkey, and six different kinds of pie were on the menu. he called ten u.s. troops around the world and thanked them for their service earlier today. >>> and speaking of the white house, supposed to be the most secure building in the country, right? or so you think. apparently when the first couple opened their doors tuesday for that state dinner, well, they opened them up a little too wide. we explain why this isn't such a happy holiday for the secret service. >> reporter: trailed by cameras, michaele and tareq salahi went to the state dinner. but according to the producers, they lied about being invited to the event. there were nearly 340 guests at the dinner for india's prime minister. so many it had to be held in a tent. >> even with a big house hike the white house there's only many people we can invite. >> reporter: there was a definite guest list like steven spielberg, alfra woodard, and nancy pelosi. it did not include michaele and tareq salahi, but they did
. a memorial service is to be held tomorrow at fort hood, president obama is expected to attend, and we'll have live coverage tomorrow afternoon. >>> a second man has been charged in last week's stabbing of an offduty police officer. the two are accused of running up to officer eric jansen outside of christina's in edgemere and they attacked him. jansen was able to reach his gun and fire. >>> millions being handed out in scholarships for maryland high school students but critics say those scholar dollars need to be pulled back. >>> and a terrifying scene as a woman falls on the tracks with a train bearing down. >>> and our 2-degree guarantee, the official high at bwi was 72. is tomorrow as hot? not so much. the complete forecast coming up. if rz just as we promise 100% fresh produce... and rancher's reserve beef, guaranteed tender 100% of the time. at safeway, we now promise something new. something big. a commitment... to thousands of new everyday low prices. so you can get what you want. when you want it. at the price you need. today... and tomorrow. that's our promise. that's ingredients for
geithner reminded lawmakers that president obama inherited the dire economic situation less than a year ago. >>> not harsh words but bullets flying in denver, colorado. a blazing gun battle erupts on a suburban street after a man woman rob a bank and lead police on a high speed crash. three suspects were killed, two officers wounded. >>> a real life super hero looking out for people who could be getting themselves in trouble. this is the watchman of milwaukee. >> most important piece of equipment i carry on me is my cell phone. if i need to call the police, call 911, that's what i'm going to do first. >> he says his finest hour was saving a woman who was having heart trouble. real life super heros is a growing movement with an estimated 300 members now patrolling cities across the country. >>> and talk about a christmas surprise, customs officials say even they were shocked when hundreds of cartons labelled as christmas ornaments were found to actually contain glass bombs. total value of the drug pipes, 2.6 million. >>> fans of hit movie twilight are lining up to see the sequel new moon. tw
and women who protect our freedoms. president obama laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. the president thanked every single veteran and family for their sacrifice. >>> and the death of a marine from carroll county is a grim reminder of that ultimate sacrifice. sergeant charles cartwright was a stand out wrestler. he was twice awarded the purple heart enlisted with the marines the day before the september 11th terrorist attacks. he was killed during combat operations in afghanistan over the weekend. >> i know that he did what he wanted to do, and it was, it was his goal, it was his dream, so i know that he made this world a better place. he was -- he had a purpose. >> just 26 years old, cartwright had been through five tours of duty. >>> dundalk, saluting the sacrifice of firefighters. a memorial has been dedicated to the three firefighters who died but that is about to change. supporters gathered to kick off the memorial drive revealing the proposed site and plan. we'll keep you posted on their progress. >>> the centers for disease control and prevention will release new alarming figur
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11